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Written pieces of art in progress... 

Looking for a read inside a hyperconscious woman's mind that drips with infatuation for euphoric feelings through relationships?

To inspire the story of your sexuality?

To build upon one's fantasies?

Or just the honest truth on one's kinks and personal encounters?


Well, you're coming close to entering my world of feelings… 


A compilation of lust, love, and raw sexuality. Normalizing the proud act of self touch, partner exploration, kinky thoughts acted on, and the conversation of it.


I’ve been working on expressing my sexual experiences in a mouth watering, leg clinching way. While also staying true to being the mindful being I am by encompassing a magnitude of purpose. Rather than these simply just being written pieces to get off to. Though that is never discouraged. 

I’m revealing how safely experimenting has allowed me to expand and fulfill desires of mine.. some I didn’t even realize I had till I was there.

How self indulgence has impacted my love and lust with others. Dare I say the word masturbation on my site? After all, my first partner was myself. I’ve talked about my beautiful practices in these pieces I’m slowly leaking to the public, that will compile to a written series. 


I’m working on composing two books at this time. One with focus within mind and by myself and the other with focus within the world and with others. While some short stories I have trouble placing, due to saying it being all by myself just in front of another.. I believe you will still enjoy these mindful reads.

As I take time for self evaluation, speaking on what may have driven and drives me in certain encounters, with certain desires, and behaviors. They will be interesting reads with plenty of takeaways. 

For some leaked pieces of my writings you can become a member of my Patreon for exclusive early releases… 

Intimate Indulgence members only.    

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