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A morning in bed.

The mornings are always something, not because I'm grumpy, or angry that I have to start the day. It just seems my thoughts are the most intense in the early mornings. Once my mind begins wandering it is seemingly impossible to bring it to a stop. Inescapable butterflies that fully engulf me in what leads to self gratification.

This particular morning my mind is racing down a track of intense lustful pleasure. It seems I have found myself to be alone with a stranger. My eyes gliding up and down their body, indulging in every facet possible. They have the most perfect complexion as it glistens in the sun. Gazing at the shadows of their hardness, the most perfect messy hair, while being memorized by the way their body moves. I’m gravitating towards them with every being in my body. The only problem is I can't make out the face of the stranger no matter how hard I try.

“Have I seen this person before? What is this intense familiarity I am feeling?”… These questions trail through my mind as I take in their presence.

I can’t possibly understand it but i do know that i need them closer. Wanting to listen to their breath in my ear as it guides the thrusts of my hips against theirs.

“Come here, now” I say in a low, urgent voice… needing to catch my breath and feel the touch of their skin. They start walking from across the room and I can feel the best of their footsteps in my chest. As the distance between us gets smaller, the more I feel a rush of arousal pump through me.

Now, embraced by this stranger, I allow my hands to explore their figure.. my eyes are closed as I find myself kissing slowly around their collar bone. They wrap their arms around me and apply pressure with their fingers as they trail my body. The desire is growing inside me to feel every ounce of their presence.

Immediately, as if this weren’t supposed to be happening, I opened my eyes to find myself alone in my room. The morning sun no longer lighting up the perfect skin of this stranger but lighting the emptiness of the space around me. I can still feel their body against mine, my lips against their chest.

I slide my hand into my panties and to my pleasure, I feel a warm wetness. Pure pleasure as I drift my fingers over my clitoris. I slowly begin pushing my fingers in light circles… the slower I go, the more my body tingles and wants more, more, more. My hips start to thrust and work in rhythm with my fingers deeply working my clitoris. I maintain the same speed as I rock my hips back and forth, making sure there is not a moment of feeling lost.

I close my eyes and suddenly I'm back up against this stranger, their body is pushing against mine rapidly, kissing each other as if it were our last. Warm aggression fills my body as we push against each other. It feels as if I couldn't possibly be close enough.

I open my eyes and find myself rubbing faster now. My body builds itself up to explode at the thought of this stranger being inside me. Spreading my legs for the thought of this man being between them.

I close them again to join this stranger and I feel them pushing deep inside me. Giving me what feels like everything I've ever wanted at this moment. I start to feel it start to build deep inside me. I am saying “thank you”, over and over again as I’m rocking 'faster and faster. Letting out gentle moans and “thank you, thank you, thank you”. I cum and feel pleasure vibrating through my entire body at the thought of this man filling me deeply with his presence.

Now finished, I lay in bed. Staring at the ceiling wondering what it was that made me so interested in this stranger? So sexually raged? Perhaps I will never know but I do hope this stranger finds himself in my mind again, along his travels.

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