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“Algorithm”. That way we all get off. (Blog style erotica)

Though we all may be made relatively the same, to say we have the same algorithm when it comes to accomplishing sexual relief… id say is a bit far fetched. Some need their taint simulated to get off, where others need to feel something deep inside them. Then there's those who need to be tied up in the corner, sitting in warm piss, watching their partner get railed by the downstairs neighbor. We all have our own algorithms. As a sexually experienced woman, I'd say men are more complex then I feel our society gives them credit for. I've enjoyed learning about my different partners “things”. When it comes to playing with someone on the playground, do you ask them what's something special they like? Try it next time. You might find yourself in a sexual experience you've never imagined. Maybe sucking on a girls ear, realizing shes fucking you harder than she ever has, as your stimulating her in a way you have never before.

Or you find yourself stumbling into something new…

For me it's the littlest things.. The details I'm holding onto with emphasis in my mind. The fixation.

The muscle in his shoulder, the flexibility of his hips, the scent off his neck, smoothness of his lips. The moisture between our pubic areas as we collide into each other. The irregularity of our breath. My mind explores the vast range of thoughts that could be trailing his mind. Watching his fingers grip the blanket aggressively. The same moisture, now sweat and juices. These details all pulsing with pleasure in my mind. Each statement is thought three times over as I enjoy all that it is. I'm getting closer to cumming and my mind is going through the playbook, picking exactly what it's going to be that gets me off today. I hyper focus on the flexibility of his hips as they repeatedly drive into me deeply. As if he's getting deeper each time and more flexible as well. My entire body transcends to this cloud of pleasure, it's warm here, hard to breath, every part of me is tingling. That's one of the ways I get off. It looks different everyday, but i'd say my mental algorithm is the fixation itself.

Appreciating the subtle sexiness in everything.

*This short story was inspired from an Instagram story response. I asked everyone for a title to an erotic piece. I found myself pondering on “Algorithm” the longest as it felt like I was being guided to write my algorithm on how to get me off erotically. This is part one to Algorithm as I would love to write a piece describing an experience from start to finish of someone bringing me to orgasm.. a “algorithm” that worked you can say.

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