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Couples play (A passion, power, taboo circumstance fantasy erotica story)

When it comes to fantasizes, mine range from romantic… to down right odd in so many peoples minds.

That’s what I think, anyway.

Have you ever experienced that personal sexual climax where you finish, immediately ponder back to what you were thinking, reading, or .. and always the worst, watching.

When all of a sudden a sea of confusion and discomfort falls over your body as you really see the kinky creature you are.

I have but, we will save a confusion and discomfort climax for another story.

I’ve been writing a lot about the past recently. Frankly, I feel it may be good to write about the present. It’s not like the fantasies have ever flowed with more pulsing force.

Here I am, spending an ample amount of time with my new partner. Beautifully sculpted, smooth while warm to touch, teasing and sometimes daunting earth eyes, wavy light brown medium length shiny hair, and delicious smooth lips.. my body reacts. It sends physical reminders of my attraction towards him through my body, everyday. As we travel 27 hours cross country, I fall into a day dream that arches my back with its fierce sensation of burning desire, lust, and love.

In the car….We drive past an exit for the first time in what may have been 20 minutes. I start to think about what if he had pulled off. We had been driving for 4 hours nonstop. Surely, the way his hand caressed my upper thigh and squeezed.. his thoughts were deviating.

In my mind, we are pulling into a run down tiny gas station with two cars and finding a spot to park with the dash hidden. Looking at me and saying “come over here lil mama” as he bites his lip and grins over to me with his piercing eyes. I grin and hop over the middle console to get on his lap, our lips collide and his are moist and warm as he just lightly glides his tongue between my lips. His hands, groping my entire body under my sundress as my flower starts to open and dampen his blue jeans. He starts to nibble and kiss my neck. I feel his tongue slowly grace my lower ear lobe and he lightly tugs on it with his lips.

This fantasy causes my hips to thrust back in forth in the car as it evolves. I’m aggressively and passionately moving my hips back and forth as we rub together. He pushes back on me grunting.

Pulling my sundress up and filling his hands with all of me. He slides them up my chest to my neck and clasps tightly, I can feel my cheeks flushed, my eyes half open in surprise as he grabs my lower lips with his teeth and closes his mouth down hard. With his eyes locked on mine he slowly releases his grip on my lip and calls me beautiful. In one motion he slides one hand tightly around to the back of my neck and gently tugs me towards the steering wheel. He instructs me to undo his pants slowly as I look him in the eyes and tell him I’m his. I listen and with his other hand he starts exploring under my dress. I move to thrust my hips harder and he tightens his grip on my neck.

Telling me to stay still- he pushes himself inside of me with fierce force. Holding me tightly down towards him, I can feel him fill me entirely. Every part of my body buzzes with eurpohia, I feel hot, my flower is tightening around him, squeezing in rhythm as he trusts deeply inside of me. At this point I’m on the edge of the cliff looking over and I want him to finish deep inside of me, as I feel his warmth fill me and he tells me I’m his. My entire body is shuddering against his.. Trembling with short breath from the blast of electricity that just surged through my body, lighting up every part of me.

The whole idea of it has me sweltering in the car. The things that arouse me most, are the ones I view as most powerful. This fantasy is about a man I love.

The piercing eye contact, projecting confidence in his possession. The physical grip, expressing dominance. While possessive sex talk in bed from someone you love is divine. It fills you with butterflies, excitement, and also usually raises my aggression. I like all types of sex. This is just one of my fantasy’s driven around power, passion, and taboo circumstances… my mind tends to explore these drives often.

All along not excluding other most common sexual mind explorations. Experimenting in ways like, same-sex encounters, multi partner sex, voyeurism, role play, and emotional experiences.

So don’t get caught up per fantasy or experience on this being THAT thing that gets me off. Allow this to open your eyes maybe to just how complex a woman’s sexuality can be. Next I may share a story that makes me melt where possessions of one being is quite literally the opposite of my sex drive.

Take a walk through this private part of my mind with me.

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