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Familiarity. (written erotica, experience)

Some things are just so much sexier when you're laying naked in premium bedding, 12 stories up with a beautiful skyline. The morning sun washing over us, entangled in the bed sheets. I'm not sure what's sexier… the sensations stemming from the friction of our skin meshed together or the warm comfort in the familiarity of the Stranger. His hands, soft and firmly cupping the curve of my hips. Every once in a while, his fingertips pull me closer… occasionally traveling to explore my breasts.

I can not pinpoint exactly what it is that's overwhelming me. Conscious of my breathing, I decide to stay present in the comfort of his familiarity. In how our bodies align, the sound of him breathing, and in the flow of energy created as his fingers trace this invisible track he's ingrained in my mind, on my body. There is no breeze in the room, yet my goosebumps are rising. I’m still coming down from having a passionate orgasm minutes prior. Tingly toes, rigid breath, flush skin, and you can't forget those pesky goosebumps.

His love language has always been felt in physical touch, for one of his ways of being. Alwayings taking the time to alert every nerve in my body of his presence before filling my flower.

Laying here just as I gather my wits… I was under the impression we are finished. Though, my body is told otherwise as the Stranger continues to scout for more triggers. First with his fingers — then with his tongue. I'm sensitive, considering him just being inside me. My mind goes spinning as he tastes the juices left over on me. Then, I feel again the familiar lack of control, him taking it back over me. I'm reaching down, desperately in need of him wholly. Right as the world stops spinning, his eyes meet mine.

In a haste, he surprises me. Flips me over and the pillow engulfs me. I'm instantly submissive to the Stranger. With my back arched so deeply I can't help but slightly whimper between moans of pleasure. I hear him grunting and he gets faster. Plowing into me repeatedly. He's precisely getting a little deeper each time. Quickly retracting after each thrust– as if I'm now not allowed to enjoy the pleasure. His demeanor has changed and it almost feels like he's challenging me. My flower– throbbing, wet, clenching, as I am now aggressively pushing my lower lips into him. He's persistent on pounding me from behind, a rhythm he refuses to break. His hands are no longer traveling but rather stagnant on my hips as if focused on a mission. As his tense energy passes over me, I can feel my breath sharpen. There's a lack of oxygen in the room and all I want and need at this moment is relief. A euphoric sensational melting moment of hot full body satisfaction. A wave of a million kisses over my body. The Stranger always knows how to bring me here. Feeling my body be swept as he is still thrusting. At this steady speed, every piece of my body feels pleasure amplify and vibrate through me. He is giving it to me so rough and hard as I'm in this place of a haze, then he abruptly pulls out of me. I feel his cum hit me and he slaps my butt cheek as he grunts a “good girl”. Now, he is finished with me.

Panting, we are back as we were. Laying side by side, I’m extremely focused on the harmony of our breathing returning to its resting rate. He’s tired now as his hands haven’t returned to trace my body. Rather, one rests over me and becomes heavy. I realize he's sleeping, leaving me trapped within the hot, sticky cuddles we’ve created. I’m sore in the best ways possible and can feel myself having the urge to pee. Ignoring my desire to clean up, I lay quietly and let the Stranger rest. Still with the sunshine washing over, the day is ahead of us.

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