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Home. (Written erotica, masturbation)


I wake constantly at all hours of the night. It's something that came with the new mom territory. Sometimes I find myself laying there at 3am, staring at the beams of street light painted across the ceilings from the shades parted. The sliding door in our bedroom is pulled open, I can feel a fresh breeze on my face, our linen smells so good as I snuggle it the hollow of my neck. I hear the palms brushing and sweeping against each other in the breeze. The sound of our vintage metal fan that never turns off. The warmth from his body next to mine, the entanglement of our legs. He looks beautiful in his sleep. 

It's almost always when my gaze is on him, my mind travels to euphoric places. I feel myself clinch my lower lips. Again, and again, as the pressure feels so good and I'm aroused just looking at him.  He's been awake all through the night with the baby and I.. so I figured I would let him get some rest. Slowly untangling my legs from his, I scooch over. Laying on my back with my right side against his. I start exploring my body with my hands. Keeping my gaze strongly on him. Studying his body as the candle light just brushes over him, defining his already sculpted figure. He's wearing nothing but small, fitted, black briefs. I never favored this style before him… but the way he makes everything look good. I can see his bulge and being so familiar with what's underneath, it’s almost implosive as my left hand starts working my clitorus. Slowly at first, switching between a lot of pressure and a lighter touch. I start to rock my hips in rhythm with the pressure. Generating this high through my entire body. His left leg is placed outside of the blanket rubbing against mine as my body twitches in pleasure. I admire his whole body. Down to his ankle showing, decorated with anklets, and gazing further to the arch in his foot and his toes. He's a 10 ½ in shoes. Now, pulling my gaze quickly back up his body to admire his face for a long moment. His soft lips resting softly together, his facial facial hair rugged, with smooth 5 inch caramel curls on his head. He's so soft while hard at the same time. As he's working long hours, I find myself admiring him more and more in the middle of the night. It's not every night I let him sleep through. 

Last night, I had worked myself up to this same moment. Fingers soaked as they worked my lower lips. Just hanging on the side of a cliff where the inevitable fall is an orgasm to experience. Last night, I did not let him sleep. I reached over and started working his cock through his pants. He came out of his sleep ready to passionately please me. Without talking, he swiftly grabbed hold of my hips and turned me so I was facing the breeze coming from our sliding doors. Recalling the way he nuzzled his face between my shoulder blades as he pushed himself forward to be fully impressed to my back side. Within seconds his shaft found his way to part my tush cheeks.. where my flower welcomed him pulsing with juices. 

Currently, my eyes are doing this repetitive wave up and down his body. I start really squeezing my thighs together as I work my clit with my hand. Practically using my own hand as a hump toy while he lays in bed resting beside me. My entire body is starting to feel tense from the continuous rigorous movement. With my eyes on him and my mind on last night, I am having trouble slowly down as I feel myself quickly approaching an orgasm to be felt through my entire body.

 It feels so good– I try to stop. Moving my hands to my chest and abruptly freezing the clenching, squeezing, and thrusting movements below. However, it is too late.. I only have one finger holding on to the edge of the cliff and whether I like it or not the inevitable fall is to come. I give in and roll to my stomach, pushing my pubic area deep into the bed as I feel every one of my nerves light up. Like a match lit with a huge flame and burning out slowly- then all at once. I now lay here on my stomach, face pressed into the sheets feeling my pulse beat in every part of me. As my breathing starts to ease, I move closer and entangle myself back with him. Ready to finish my nights sleep before I wake up ready to serve him with pleasure, gratitude, and thanks in return for these moments of my bliss, to him still unknown. 

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