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The phone line. (Written erotica, masturbation)


I am extremely excited to share this piece as it is on the longer sides of my short stories. With that being said- one of my most effortlessly written. I enjoyed pulling this from my archives and giving this one a final edit where I feel I was able to truly elevate the piece.

I work on multiple stories at a time and that allows me to flow through them. Enjoy this piece, I would love some feedback!


Have you ever seen online and/or in religious statements/beliefs that imply masturbation is actually bad for you.. a distraction and or a sin? I certainly have and I couldn’t disagree more. Not only does it relax me… but it can help me fall asleep, and also be a mood boost.

Now with that being said, of course too much of anything can be a problem.

I’ve had experience talking on the phone for my own pleasure on some type of masturbation line where an individual told me their story of being a self pleasure addict. This did not really arouse me, but rather was interesting to hear about.

So the blanket statement that it is bad for you - I refuse to believe. Similar to many drugs, with moderation, I experience nothing but bliss with my “using” of the euphoric practice of self love.

The phone line-

Before your mind goes crazy, let me provide you with more details on this phone line. What led me to a sex line and got me connected with this stranger. I found myself alone in my bedroom and I’d been edging for close to an hour. Teetering on the edge of an explosive orgasm. I had already used my imagination, read some stories, and even used some visual porn. Bored with that material and craving more, I sought connection. The thought of talking to someone else who was in the same head space as me. Tapped into their animalistic side, pursuing continued physical satisfaction and sweet relief. I wasn’t so eager where I was willing to pay to try this type of foreplay for the first time. Luckily however, I found being a woman it is quite easy to find a male willing to chat for free, than vice versa. You can say the individuals I’ve talked to.. have gotten very lucky.

On one of these no payment sites, where others are just as interested in talking to you, as you are in them. I kept finding each connection didn’t believe me entirely. I was as I was describing — a young woman, home alone, desperate to hear a man’s voice as I played with my flower. Urning to be that naughty girl that helps another get off. Having to convince someone of your reality however, kind of takes away from the fun of it.

So I had a few interesting connections from the start.. but I’d love to share the one where I actually spoke to another woman. I do consider myself straight- but I am not biased when it comes to physical pleasure. She was older, with a raspy voice, and to her surprise was getting a woman on the line herself. The call started quite naturally and we both were clearly in a place of personal pleasure. The conversation opened in a strong direction of the physical description of our individual exploration rather quickly.

From describing our own practice of self love she asks me a question that leads to a conversation responsible for one of my most intense self inflicted orgasms to-date. “Have you ever tasted another woman?” She asks. I answer honestly, and say no. She quickly responds snarkily “my husband and I would have a blast teaching you”.

I could instantly feel myself get more wet so I asked her to describe what one of my lessons would look like. Then, to my pleasure, as if she was just waiting for our connection, she brings me to an intense orgasm with nothing but her words.

"When you get to our house I will instruct you to take your clothes off. Standing there, I will tell my husband to grope your firm body. Watch, as he strokes his hands all over you. Squeezing your breasts.. rubbing his fingers down your back, all the way to your holes. When he gets to your raw lips, I will make sure he travels inside. While I'm already touching myself.. to give you a wet pussy to learn from." She's talking slowly, grunting between sentences.

I was imagining her as she prior described, reclined in her living room, a mid size throw pillow jammed high between her thighs. Her hips thrusting the pillow vigorously. She wasn't wearing any underwear and described her lips spread wide open with the seam of the pillow tightly inside them.

I was starting to feel extremely hot, "Once I'm ready, and my husband is done playing with you, we will go to the bedroom where you will mimic the way he licks me." she continued. "The way he sucks on my clit and pokes on my vulva." Her vulgarity had me frozen, unable to move for I knew I would cum. I was not ready to part ways with her. I needed to hear more.

Her next words were the ones that sent me over. My legs clenched, twitching, flower throbbing. "If you do a good job, baby girl, I will tell him to lick you while you practice on me honey" she said. "I will be a good girl, I will be a good girl" I repeated over harshly as I came. Taken over by the orgasm, my body flowed.. my hips thrusted, my back arched, my knees bent and straightened. I felt it through my entire body. It was an orgasm charged with electricity that ripped through me. She, the stranger as I truly did miss getting her name... knew I was taken over by the pleasure. It sends her over and as she cums she's exclaiming "that is a good girl, yeah- that is a good girl." 

We both stayed on the line, listening to another come down from the wild place of pleasure where we transcended. Then, she abruptly ends the line- "well, you have a good night honey." and I hear the spring to her recliner get slammed shut just before the line ends.

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