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Van Adventures (an erotica short story)

My mind hasn't yet started to travel to lustful places… rather in a place of chaos of how I’m going to get the rest of my day done. Yet, the tension is starting to grow deep in my flower, I unconsciously start to do kegels.

I don’t have time for this because I often find myself stuck teetering on the edge of a sweet release for 45 minutes. Not because I can’t bring myself to an orgasm. A desire is growing for me to squeeze my legs just the right way, with my fingers deeply sliding between my lips. It begs for the sweet release that will send butterflies all the way to my toes. While at the same time my mind is trying to fight the temptation.

I'm feeling myself caving in.. flashes of the stranger and I start to flicker in my mind.

We are in my van and I can barely see him hovering over me. I can smell the unique aroma of our entanglement. That’s one of my favorite parts about having sex in the van. My bed is about 5 inches longer than me, and I’m 5’2, the ceiling hovers just three feet over us. With all the windows up, with nothing but what looks like a Black Sea outside them… we are in our own little world, my back arches as my senses are being touched with pleasure.

How the temperatures rising, he’s fucking me hard. With his toes firmly curled around the shelf built in behind my driver seat. Using the leverage he plows himself deep into my cunt with fast repetition. My hands are pressed against the trunk pushing towards him, I can feel the entire van swaying.

His face is hovering just twelve inches above mine, his breath is hot, his eyes are piercing. I stare back at him with confidence and wince as he sharply thrusts into me. Continuing to push as deep as he could into me. Our juices feel hot with his balls pressed deeply.

He pushes further as if he wants to hear me wince again.

I observe his eyes roll back, face still hovering just over me. He’s pushing deeper, letting out little moans. With his mouth hanging open just slightly, a drop of his saliva falls into my mouth. Going on 10 seconds now his toes are fully extended as he makes sure his shaft is as deep as it can be inside me.

He’s cumming now and it's euphoric. I feel myself clenching around him, my body pushing deeper into his, panting, as he's fully satisfying me.

My hands are running all over his body, my senses are feeling enlightenment, the smells quite overwhelming now. I close my eyes for what feels like the first time in five minutes. My entire body is starting to relax as I prepare for the best night's sleep I've had the entire trip.

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