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Slowed Time.

2024,  I have been a traveling model now for 3.5 years. With extreme gratitude for all the individuals I’ve had the opportunity of being present with, as well as all the experiences and art created.

How I got here....

Before modeling I dipped in other trades like barbering and dived into the world of finance. Always having yoga as my way of diving deeper into myself. A way used to create space within me for more love, patience, and compassion for others and the world itself. 


This passion guided me into modeling. I created shapes within beautiful flow and started to share that online. This caused an established model to reach out to me asking my thoughts of the art, and it was history from there. 

Once I began truly modeling, I started with the intention to push societal boundaries for the expression of sensuality and sexuality and inspire others to try the wonderful practice of yoga. Over time, I continue to feel my love grow for the craft. I like to view it as a dance with the camera. Celebrating and appreciating different parts of human life, while having it be captured for what it is. 

Besides yoga and modeling, my other passions include writing, photography & videography. I spend my days while home writing erotic stories pursing my passions and raising my beautiful baby boy with my partner in Florida.  I write to promote a healthy relationship with one's sexuality and self. With intent to arouse my readers, while simultaneously opening ones own dialogue on sexuality. You can find all my personal art through the "gallery" section of this website. Some of my erotic writing can be found through a subscription membership here, to open the access to solely written erotica. Or, on Patreon as well... where I also share my most erotic photography work (self portrait sets) for viewing between stories.


A commitment to those I work with; I will arrive to all our photoshoots ready to fulfill vision and inspire. 

STATS- height: 5'2 | bust: 35in | waist: 26in | shoe size: 6.5 | hair: mid back 


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