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Slowed Time.

       I live for my world of feelings, gardening my inner dimensions to intuitively live.
  It all started with yoga.. through discovering these parts and versions of myself I never knew existed. It made me feel free to be unapologetically me. I fell in love with the art of the movement and how beautiful the flow not only felt, but looked as my body danced in space. 
     With a passion for this type of intuitive movement and creating art-it guided me to modeling. I am fluid and flexible as I execute poses. I like to view it as a dance with the camera. Celebrating and appreciating different parts of human life, while having it be captured for what it is.
    I arrive at all shoots ready to fulfill visions and inspire. “If it’s beautiful, edgy, spicy, classy, timeless, or plain senseless- it’s all artwork to appreciate.

STATS- height: 5'2 | bust: 35in | waist: 26in | shoe size: 6.5 | hair: mid back 


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